Monday, August 29, 2016

Mission Statement

Masks of the Indigenous People

Every mask has a story!

Mission Statement
For years I have been fascinated by and collected masks from all over the world throughout my travels. I became intrigued by their power of mysticism and spiritual messages.  In my newest works of masks of the indigenous people, each mask has been inspired by stories and fables told over generations by the native people of the world. The idea for this project probably lies in a subliminal yearning for a more uncomplicated time when people sat around a fire in the evening and repeated stories told by their ancestors. The motives of the Mask paintings originate from Africa and Australia as well as North American Native folklore I was inspired by through my research.

This work is a combination of a culmination of different arts and crafts I have studied and applied over the last 40 years of my artistic career. It consists of painting, combined with paper mache sculptures and fiber arts. The masks are made of hand build paper mache and attached to a canvas. By choosing a three dimensional aspect instead painting them on a flat canvas, I feel the masks come alive and transmit a more powerful message. Each piece also has a story to go with, uniting the visual arts with the literary and performance art. This project is in line with many of my other series and my beliefs that one art-form is intimately connected to any other type of art.

Elizabeth Laishley

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